Primitive Camping Sites

Primitive camping provides a great adventure and lasting memories for your friends and family. However, there are some important rules that must be followed in order to keep our campground safe and in its native state. The Camps at Cable Junction have also placed these rules in effect for the safety of our campers.

Camping Rules & Regulations

Cable Junction STRICTLY prohibits smoking of any kind at the camp sites. Designated smoking areas and recepticals are noted at the Camp office.

Campers should stay within the designated camp area. Signs are posted throughout the property that indicate “Staff Only”.

Extensive semi-annual course inspections are completed regularly to ensure customer safety.

There will be NO cutting of trees or vegetation around the camp sites. Firewood can be purchased from the Camp office during regular business hours.

Fires shall be contained in the provided metal containers. NO fires shall be built in ANY other area and all fires shall be extinguished before campers retire for the evening. Emergency fire extinguishers are provided at each site.

Pets are allowed but shall be kept on proper leashes/tie outs.

IF emergency service (fire, EMS, Ambulance, 911) is needed, it is the CAMPER’S responsibility to provide the gate code access to the call recipient.

All trash shall be securely stored in the provided trash bins. The Camps at Cable Junction will pick up the trash each morning from the designated bins. Any trash left at the camp site will result in a $25 charge to the credit card on file upon checkout.

Campers should note there is an array of wildlife at The Camps at Cable Junction. Sightings of coyotes, black bears, several breeds of rattlesnakes, deer, gopher tortoises are not unusual. Campers shall take necessary precautions when traversing the trails and shall in NO way harass or injure the wildlife. Hunting is also strictly prohibited.

Cable Junction has established the following restrictions to ensure the safety of each of our visitors:

There will be no generators permitted to run after sundown.

Any Camper who fails to adhere to the above rules is eligible for discharge from the campground with no refund at the discretion of management.